In the foreword to T.S. Eliot's modernist masterpiece The Waste Land is a dedication to Ezra Pound - il miglior fabbro - "the better craftsman". My writing career started in 1996, and over the years I've come to discover a deeper meaning to those words...
45. Nothing Happens (2022) - Writer - A short audio drama on the climate crisis, set on board a nuclear submarine out on a deterrence patrol. Part of Climate Change & Other Small Talk, a season of 9 short audio plays created by 9 teams across the world, on themes of climate justice.
44. Day Zero (2022) - writer - work in progress - an exploration of memory and the history of Bangalore from the perspective of water as it moves through the city. Premiers in Bangalore mid July.
43. Status: Z (2021) - work in progress - a "post-zombie" film set in a co-working space.
42. Undaunted (2020) - A play based on research into India's maritime history, and the lives of "lascars" - South Asian sailors who served on board merchant vessels. The plays focuses on the first half of the twentieth century and seeks to render the maritime worker's consciousness, against the backdrop of a contemporary retreat from globalism. Awarded an India Foundation for the Arts Research Grant in 2019. Winner of the 2020 Sultan Padamsee Award for Playwriting.
41. The Indian War Rocket (2019) - w.i.p. - Historical monograph on the Indian War Rocket based on anthropological research. Seeking research grant and production support.
40. Monolith (2018) - Writer - A short story set in the aftermath of the Battle of Talikota as an alternative take on the destruction of Hampi. Published in Stories from Hampi House. Book released at the Times Lit Fest Mumbai in December 2018.  
39. The Echo Chamber / Antigone (2018) - Writer - Cyberpunk and the timeless Greek classic by Sophocles come together in this exploration of human rights, the dangers of post-factual politics and how media echo chambers threaten to erode our democracy. Short list for the Sultan Padamsee Award for Playwriting 2018.
38. Terrarium (2017) - Writer - w.i.p. - Inspired by the episode in the Ramayana where Sita is held captive in the Ashok Vatika garden, this play uses an intercultural style of performance to tell the story of Hanuman’s rescue effort.
37. Vanguard (2016) - Writer - w.i.p. - Historical play set during the Second Anglo-Mysore War. Based on archival research at the India Office Records, British Library, London through a Charles Wallace India Trust Research Award 2014 awarded to AEIF. Rehearsed readings at National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) in October 2017 and the Bangalore International Centre (BIC) in February 2019.
36. Beyond the Bubble (2015) - Writer - Children's play about the importance of leadership set in a post-apocalyptic world. Addresses themes of disaster preparedness, gender equality and strategic foresight. Performed as part of Jagriti Theatre's Summer Carnival in May 2015.
35. I just can't wait to be me (2014) - Writer - Children's play about the importance of friendship and individuality.
34. Mall Wall (2014) - Co-creator - Experimental site-specific piece that combined aerial theatre, graffiti and performance art. Project employed a philosophy of guerrilla art and planted a 52 foot x 15 feet+ anti-consumerist message in a local shopping mall. The project re-articulated the memory of old Bangalore within its new consumer culture. Actors performed on a vertical stage. Awarded an India Foundation for the Arts P560 Grant in 2014.
33. Famous Last Words (2013) - Writer - Short play written in 24 hours with theatre community. Staged at Hyderabad University. Zany satire on capital punishment.
32. The Kick, the Quest, the Question (2013) - Writer - Children's play about the purpose of education and the praxis of change for the better.
31. Around the world in 80 mins (2011) - Writer - Children's play, un-produced
30. Muse-i-cal Magic (2010) – Writer - Children's play about the importance of self-discovery.
29. Bust (2010) - Premiered in June 2010 at Ranga Shankara, Bangalore. Awarded a Robert Bosch Art Grant. Performed as part of the Bangalore Trilogy produced by AEIF in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai in July - Dec 2010.
28. Alone (2010) - Short play, unproduced.
27. Special 5 (2009) - Comic book series for telecom client, produced by Ka Designs.
26. Wanker (2009) - Short play, unproduced. Received the Toto Award for Creative Writing in 2010.
25. Project S.T.R.I.P. (2009) - Satire on the politics of development. Premiered in June in Mumbai, produced by Q Theatre Productions. Performed at the Ranga Shankara Theatre Comedy Festival, Bangalore, November 2009. Performed at the Kala Ghoda Arts festival in Feb 2011. Still running house-full shows in Mumbai as of 2015. Rehearsed reading at Tara Arts London by Liminal Space Productions in July 2013. Translated into Kannada and German in 2020. Kannada premier in Bangalore by Team Antharanga, March 2021, German premier in Munich by TeamTheatre, October 2021.
24. Slide (2008) – Short play written in response to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai on 26th November, 2008. Staged at NSD Sikkim. Received the Toto Award for Creative Writing in 2010.
23. Ultimate Kurukshetra (2003, 2008, 2010) - An ant's eye view of the Mahabharata. Developed at  the Sangam House Residency, December 2009 under an Asif Currimbhoy Playwriting Fellowship. Awarded the Sultan Padamsee Award for Playwriting in August 2011. Premiered Bangalore in December 2018, produced by AEIF. Performed at the Esplanade Theatre in Singapore, as part of Kalaa Utsavam Festival in November 2019.
22. Eras (a.k.a. Negotiating for Time) (2008) - Short play written on commission for the Karnataka State Dept. of Tourism
21. Creeper (2007) - Developed under a SARAI-CSDS Independent Fellowship. Premiered in Bangalore and Delhi in Oct-Dec 2007. Premiered in Chennai at the Metro Plus Theatre Festival in August 2008. Invited to Bharat Rang Mahotsav - the NSD Theatre Festival in Jan 2011. Translated into Marathi.
20. A long time ago, right now... (2007) - Children's play about the importance of value systems that reinterprets the story of Krishna and Sudhaama
19. The Speech (2007) - short film
18. Sigh (2007) - short film
17. Into Stone (2007) - developed at the Royal Court International Residency 2007. Un-produced. Long List on the Hindu MetroPlus Playwright Award 2009
16. A Dog's Life (2006) - Children's play about co-operation that reinterprets Romeo and Juilet with dogs in the lead roles.
15. Loosing Lucy (2006) - musical, unproduced.
14. Glass (2006) - work in progress - film adaptation of stage play Dancing on Glass.
13. Crab (2006) - Premiered as Part of Writers’ Bloc 2 at the Prithvi Theatre - Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival, October 2007 - Rehearsed reading at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh in Feb 2011. Rehearsed reading by British Council in Chennai and Bangalore, March 2017. Published in Sight Lines by Hachette India.
12. Teddy Bear (a.k.a. Worm) (2005) – incomplete.
11. Snakes & Ladders (2005) – A contemporary spin on Christopher Marlowe's classic Dr. Faustus set in a college rave party, where the Faustain pact with the devil becomes a comment on substance abuse. (January 2005 - July 2005 - August 2005 - won five inter-collegiate awards over thirteen shows)
10. Rubbish (2005) - Short play, unproduced. Received the Special Jury Commendation in Creative Writing, January 2009 at the TFA Awards.
9. Dancing on Glass (2004) – Experimental multiple-format performance (Premiered at Black Coffee Theatre Festival, July 2004 - Performed at World Information City, November 2005 and Bangalore Habba Theatre Festival, December 2005 and December 2009. Commercial runs between 2007-2010. Discussed as part of the Performance Studies International Conference held at NYU in November 2007. Performed by Theatre Rasa Nova in San Francisco October 2010 and in Los Angeles in June 2011 - Nominated for 6 META Awards in March 2011. An extract of Dancing on Glass was published in Multiple City - Writings on Bangalore by Penguin India
8. Forgotten Song (a.k.a. WarSong) (2003) - w.i.p. see Ultimate Kurukshetra
7. There is No Spoon! (2003) - 35 minute short film, made as part of Third-year Media Project at Christ College (February 2003)
6. WE ARE WATER (2003) - Radio play developed through virtual workshop. (Broadcast on BBC World Service Drama, May 2003 - Rehearsed reading at Theatre Upstairs, Royal Court, London, July 2003)
5. Straitblackjacket (2002) - Written on commission from Artistes' Repertory Theatre (ARTY (Artistes' Repertory Theatre Youth) Annual Summer Workshop Production, July 2002)
4. Minus One (2002) - Writing credit for Dialogues on Bollywood feature film Minus One. (Premiered May 2005).
3. Flash! (2002) – Written on commission, unproduced
2. The Dead Metaphor (2001) - Experimental production (Thespo III - Bangalore and Mumbai, December 2001 - Outstanding Original Script Award, Thespo III – Christ College, Jan 2002)
1. Square Root of Minus One (2001) - Culmination of workshop process conducted by the RCT (StageRite Theatre Festival, October 2002) Square Root of Minus One published in StageRite Seven First by Samuel French Ltd.
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